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Lareine were a visual kei band formed in 1994, led by singer Kamijo. They had a distinctive visual style inspired by 18th century France, similar to Malice Mizer, but lighter in tone. They were also based loosely around the concept of "flowers." Though Kamijo is now primarily known from his work in Versailles and as a solo artist, Lareine will forever be some of his best work both musically and visually.

And of course I can't leave out New Sodmy! New Sodmy was created by Kamijo after Lareine broke up. It was active for only one year, from 2001-2002, but during that time they made one album that was actually pretty good. New Sodmy was not supposed to be a visual kei band, it was Kamijo's normie phase, but even then his idea of 'normal' seems to be a bit skewed.

For example, one of the songs they wrote, "Are You Sodmy?" consisted of Kamijo singing the line "are you sodomy?" in varying levels of falsetto, set against heavy guitar. Surprisingly, it's not a completely bad song, although at one point he does scream "fuck me!" in his signature falsetto voice. If you want a better example of a good New Sodmy song, listen to Audrey.