01. drifting, drifting, drifting
02. demonic influences
03. thumpin' goth
04. blue moon
05. elektra psycho
06. kote moods
07. 90s chaos: thrash fantasy
08. future tones
09. whammy slammy
10. summertime sadness
11. ~upbeat but melancholy~
12. 80s proto vk
13. slappin!!
14. viva libra vibez
15. kote kei: end of a millenium

drifting, drifting, drifting

melancholy, short winter days. my soul becomes untethered from my body and floats up into the frozen sky like a lost balloon.
drifting, drifting, drifting

demonic influences

a playlist designed to make you feel as if you're being dragged into the depths of a fiery hell, with no chance of ever escapin

thumpin' goth

throbbing goth trax to dance to. dust off your picklewinkers from 1983 and get kickin!!!

blue moon

songs for empty evenings and for smoking or drinking alone

elektra psycho

the trash of the trashiest: industrial and nu-metal songs with a couple surprises mixed in, guaranteed to make your brains leak out your ears.

kote moods

curated selection of mellow kote kei tunes to draw to and ruminate on the beauty and pointlessness of existence

90s chaos: thrash fantasy

anatomy of 90s japanese thrash metal:

- junkyard pv
- hair has to be AT LEAST 8 inches tall
- token red-haired member (bonus points if more than one red-haired member)
- there's a swastika in there somewhere
- the pointy pvc boots
- leather outfit with studs, bonus points if shirtless
- bandana
- flamethrower OR lighter + hairspray
- gang shouts
- kenzi is there somewhere

future tones

electronic beats to carry you through the y2k apocalypse and beyond. strap on your holographic boots and get going to the discotheque!

dedicated to my dear friend elian

whammy slammy

its heavy metal, babey!!!! this playlist smells like beer, sweat, and hairspray!
this playlist has snorted coke in the past five hours and has two baby mamas in jacksonville, florida!!
this playlist has been banned from four bars and three clubs for fighting and arson!!!

this playlist just went to the clinic this afternoon and learned it has gonorrhea!!! remember to always use a condom, kids!!!!

summertime sadness

for the feeling of despair unique to summer. mostly 80s goth. recommended listening conditions: during a summer thunderstorm, inside, while drinking black tea.

~upbeat but melancholy~

for when you're sad but still wanna bop. songs that make ya wanna thrash around and do the worm while crying. perfect for all seasons. enjoy responsibly!

80s proto vk

a playlist featuring songs of several of the "pioneers" of the japanese goth (then called positive punk) scene, from which visual kei later evolved.

although many of these bands laid down the foundations for visual kei in their elaborate makeup and stage dramatics, nowadays many of them and their contributions have been largely forgotten.

in order to showcase some excellent and original bands, i put together this playlist.


songs that FUCK!!! make ya wanna thrash around and break shit!!!! its called thrash metal for a reason, babey!!!!!!

viva libra vibez

i always thought of libra as the quirky uncle of the signs, so when making this playlist i was trying to find songs that make u feel like ur flying over the ocean on a rickety jet piloted by ur weird uncle and ur not entirely sure if you'll survive but ur at least havin a hell of a time, babey!!!

anyway thats libra vibes in my humble libra opinion. i also put in a huge amount of songs featuring the top libra, mr imai hisashi.

kote kei: end of a millenium

visual kei hits of the late 90s - if u gathered up 1996-1999 and squeezed it really hard, these songs would come out.

this playlist contains the most popular songs of the top visual kei bands of the late nineties.
pure, unfiltered, raw late 90s visual kei: the creme de la creme. enjoy without abandon.

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