"i should be worried about mana flying but that doesn't seem that out of character really"

"yes i am mana, yes i play video games"

"mana IS the cia"

"The final boss who'll finish Gackt is Mana-sama"

"we will never catch mother mana slipping"

"God created a man and a woman so Mana could destroy the concept of gender"

"mana has the Legs"

"god doesn't need gender and neither does mana , thus god is mana"

"mana doesnt give off hoe energy but he gives off self confidence and prowess energy"

"Mana is most definitely peak Chad"

"my fav mm interview is the one where mana describes his goth living situation and the big gaming rig in the middle of it all"

"I'd take a bullet for Mana's legs"

"mana stopped aging 239 years ago"

"Mana has never looked bad"

"mana, the biggest clown of them all"

"mana was never born he has always been"


“koji said clown rights”

“kozi seems more like a gutter cryptid kinda guy”

“we should bring back rick rolling, but with that bois de merveilles performance with kozi making out with a mannequin and then stabbing it”

“i cant believe kozi invented music”

“kozi looks like knife cat”


“Mana was always very elegant and composed but you could tell kozi was just having fun with it”

“I aim to b as fun as clownman…”

“kozi is a mothman fanboy”

“i hate clowns but the only exception would be kozi”

“idk how id even do a kozi Look what does that dude look like aside from Clown City”

“kozi's chaotic good”

“yea i think men's clothing reached its peak wit whatever kozi was doin in the 90s”

“maximum clownage”

“kozi would give u a hug he seems like a chill dude”

“kozi would caress mothman's taut metal buns”

“i only dress up to impress father clown”

“koji says legalize gay marriage and clowns”


““I know what you are....a vampire” *yuki visibly sucking the blood from someone’s neck* “a what now?””

“i lov yuki... peaceful energy”

“Yuki is definitely a couple thousand years old so I feel like he just doesn’t care if anyone knows he’s a vampire anymore”


"yu~ki is the most blessed always"

"current mood: yu~ki's under eye makeup"

"him [yuki] n clown r the only bitches i can rely on"

“like the bit in the interview where she's going around asking what each of their favorite foods are and is like "melon," "curry" and then it gets to yuki and he says with a completely straight face "mildly warm blood"”

"also honestly yu~ki... not to be nsfw but can i like, Hug Him"

“yuki please give me ur organizational skills and also ur hats”

"yellow clown that's also dracula"

“Yuki is the one true unproblematic fav”

“idk yuki has friendly energy... i feel…”


“i feel like kami is the sort of dude who'd try to summon ufo's drunk at 2am on top of a building”

“kami asmr (making sounds with a tennis ball) (eating melon)”

“love died when kami passed away”

“men peaked with kami”

“i love kami... a fun guy”

“i miss kami”

“Butterflies... Remind me of Kami”

“yesterday I was saving some Kami pics on pinterest and began crying”

“where r boys with the kami hair honestly”

“kami reminds me that life is so unfair, why did he have to go”

“question: why did kami wear a trash bag that one time”

“im kin w pigeon kami”